September 2, 1770

1770 September 2 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 27.  Gave Expository Observations which I have writ, and which unavoidably take up considerable Time.  Preached a.m. on Phil. 1.6.  Mrs. Fessenden dined here.  N.B. poor woman!  She looses her sight.  P.M. read Phil. 3 and by reason of my spending my Time on my forenoon sermon and Exposition was obliged to preach what I had delivered before.  It was on 1 Joh. 2.15 but in delivering, altered it in many places.  I thought it very Suitable to the present Times.  I went through almost two sermons, but could not deliver so much as I would ha’ been glad to.  May the Lord accept and bless my poor, weak Endeavours and pardon my great Defects!  At Eve read Some of Mr. Lords MSS, and I hope to my Benefit.  It serves to humble and Shame, and quicken me.

September 3, 1770

1770 September 3 (Monday).  I visited Mr. Biglow in his Sickness: find him to his Bed: and to my Surprize, his Wife with him, She having for some time retir’d from him to Upton.  My Time was chiefly taken up in hearing this unhappy Couple contest and complain of each other.  May the Lord pity, awaken and pardon them.  And O that they might be reconciled!  I prayed with them (on my own Motion) and may my poor Endeavours be blessed to them!  Joseph has borrowed a Net and Set it in the Beeton Field.  He incloses 18.  P.M. Mr. Hutchinson made us a Visit, and Spent the Afternoon here.  Shews me the Papers which have passed between him and his ‘grieved Brethren and Neighbours in Grafton.  He also relates somewhat of the Character and Conduct of Mr. Ely, settled at Summers among the Separates.

September 5, 1770

1770 September 5 (Wednesday).  Not quite so well as usual, yet through Divine Goodness, am able to be at my Business in sermonizing.  At Eve a Letter from Mr. Sumner that the Canker is prevailing among them, that they have agreed to have a Fast next Tuesday, and ask my Help.  Sir Bradshaw and his sister, and Miss Nabby Foster came from Brookfield; came late — and lodged here.

September 6, 1770

1770 September 6 (Thursday).  Sir Bradshaw etc. leave us to go to Boston.  Mr. Hutchinson came and dined with me.  He also preached my Lecture on Rev. 5.6, an excellent and useful Discourse!  May God grant a Blessing upon it!  O might I be savingly united to, interested in and an happy partaker of the Benefits purchased and bestowed by this glorious Lamb!  Mr. Hutchinson tells me he has writ to Mr. Tainter about Mr. Ely, Separate Minister at Summers.  My Wife is poorly, is much pained.

September 9, 1770

1770 September 9 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 25.  Preached a. and p.m. on 1 Pet. 1.8.  Admitted Mary Pratt (Daughter of Mr. Hezekiah Pratt).  Her Relation was long, and very Pathetick.  It was writ by her self.  I wish it may be blessed to the Hearers.  Administered both the Sacraments.  It was after 5 o’Clock when we had done.  O that we might not loose the Benefit of these Exercises!  Thought we have not Seen Christ with our bodily Eyes, yet may we See Him by Faith, and both believe in and truely love him, and rejoice with that Spiritual and unspeakable Joy which has been this Day exhibited!  Read p.m. Phil. 4.  Deacon Bond and Cousen Maynard dined with me.  My Wife is confined with Pain and Illness.  Dr. Hawes visited her in the Morning and at Evening.  May the Lord Shew Compassion and Prepare us for His holy Will!  Received a Letter from Sarah — she says Elias is easy.

September 11, 1770

1770 September 11 (Tuesday).  Mr. Daniel Forbes returned the foresaid Six Dollars to Lt. Baker for me, as they both informed me that it was Settled between them for Me.  I rode to the Exercises at Shrewsbury, it being a Day of Humiliation and Supplication there, on account of the Terrible Distemper, the Canker, among them.  Mr. Sumner began with prayer.  Mr. Maccarty preached a seasonable sermon on Job 2.10, “What!  shall we receive Good at the Hands of God, and Shall we not receive Evil?”  P.M. Mr. Hutchinson prayed.  (Mr. Morse was there, but could not be perswaded to perform any thing in publick.)  I preach’d on Rev. 6.8.  “And I looked, and behold a Pale Horse!” etc.  O that God would pardon Me, accept and Succeed my poor Attempts!  And that our Devotions this Day might be to His Glory, and the End answered through Jesus Christ!  In returning home called at Mr. Abbots, who had buryed three Children in a little more than 4 Days.  At Deacon Maynards who was in great Gloominess — and at his Fathers, where had been some Breaches.  Mr. Daniel Forbes and his Wife my Company from thence in their Way home.  Mrs. P________ is better, but yet is confined, and the Doctor daily visits her.

September 14, 1770

1770 September 14 (Friday).  Just after Midnight, in Rain and very Dark came Mr. Thomas Earl from Leicester, with the sorrowful Message that my sons Child was dead.  It dyed about the Time I received the Letter foresaid.  About 11 a.m. I sat out in the Rain with Mr. Earl — and dined at Mr. Sumners.  Arrived before Night at my son Alexanders full of sorrow.  The Child was nigh 18 months old.  May God Sanctify the holy Dispensation to them and me!  I was concerned about my Engagement with Mr. Fish to preach at Upton next Sabbath.  Sent for Mr. Conklin, who came to me, and he soon, kindly engaged to go in my stead.  The Neighbours there very Compassionate — especially Dr. Robert Southgate.  I lodged at my Sons.

September 19, 1770

1770 September 19 (Wednesday).  He accompanyed me over to Mr. Parsons’s.  I went there but I could not see him: he was [illegible].  Was at the Manufactory.  Dined at Mr. David Hitchcocks.  John was bound to him.  Squire [Foster?] and Mr. Moses Hitchcock Witnesses.  Squire invited us to go over to his House to drink Coffee with Mrs. Foster.  While there he acquainted me with a remarkable kind of Manure which he had found in his Land, with his great success in using it.  I returned at Eve to Mr. Forbes’s and lodged there.

September 20, 1770

1770 September 20 (Thursday).  Mr. Forbes and I visit Capt. Abbot, who is grievously exercised with the Stone.  I prayed with him.  I visit Mrs. Gilbert to condole the Loss of her Father and Brother Moses, Wheat.  Dined at my son Baldwins — Mr. Forbes and his Wife, and my son Ebenezer (not his Wife) there.  P.M. visit Capt. Wit.  Lodged at Ebenezers.  Talk with my Son and my Daughter in law, respecting the Differences between them and the Baldwins.  Take notice of the Indian Young Man who is with them a Mohegan of Tunadella, named John Bollen.  I find he has gained somewhat in his English Education.

September 21, 1770

1770 September 21 (Friday).  I bid them farewell and return home.  In my way dine at Mr. Conklins.  He was gone to Worcester; but met him on the Way.  He gave me some Account of the Sentiments of Mr. Fish respecting Mr. Ely, ordained in the Separate way at Sumners — who, I had reason to expect would have Visited me.  But Providence has hitherto otherwise ordered.  When I came home, my wife informed me of the Death of our Neighbour old Mr. Samuel Williams on the 17th and of a great Variety of Company which she had had while I was absent, viz. Mr. Jonas Bond of Sutton and his wife: Capt. Hill of Douglass: Our sister in law, Mrs. Brown of Framingham in her Journey to Leicester, and others with her: Mr. John Eliot, Candidate for the Ministry: Dr. Curtiss from Marlborough and his sister; One Capt. Curtiss; and Miss Betsy Williams of Sandwich: and I heard that Mrs. Eunice Rice was brought to bed with a dead Child.

September 23, 1770

1770 September 23 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 29.  Went on a. and p.m. in Repeating Sermon on 1 Joh. 2.15, but with new Introduction, many alterations — and with ex temp. Close.  P.M. Read Col. 1.  N.B. Benjamin Fisks Wife being delivered of a Child, he came and offered a Note to give publick Thanks — but it Surpriz’d me much.  I refused to take it; observing to him that it was but about 3 Weeks Since they were marryed; and called him to Repentance.  I omitted also to mention publickly Mrs. Eunice Rice’s Case, though she yesterday desired it, and I wrote a Note for her; but fearing lest I Should either exceed (in her apprehension) or fall short (in the judgment of others) I sent her word by Mrs. Eunice Newton, that I desired to wave it; at least for the present, till I Should See her.  In the Eve read the Beginning of Shepherd on the Parable of the Ten Virgins.

September 26, 1770

1770 September 26 (Wednesday).  I lend Mr. Rice one Vol. of the Morning Exercise.  After Dinner Mr. Rice leaves us to visit his Aunt Hardy under her Cancer.  I visited Mrs. Eunice Rice, to See how her Frame of Mind was relative to my not mentioning her Case in public last Lords Day.  She answered that She did not know but that it was best not to.  N.B. Lt. Baker met me in the Road and informed me that just before he was at Mr. Townsends Shop, where were Mr. Daniel Adams and Elisha Forbes: and that Mr. Timothy Warrin was among them Shewing great Dissatisfaction at my refusing to read Fisks Note of Thanks last Sabbath.  Whereas if I had read it, and proceeded as usual upon it, I am sensible it had given Offence to divers of the Brethren.

September 27, 1770

1770 September 27 (Thursday).  Deacon Bond was here to ask me to preach at his House next Week.  And conversing about Fisks affair, he said that for his part he Should not approve of reading such Notes from persons in those Circumstances.  Mr. David Maynard junior here, and Settles with me.  His Sawing came to 51/9 old Tenor — Out of which he allows me 39/9 for my Wheel barrow which was almost destroyed by the use made of it at the building his Damm.