February 16, 1770

1770 February 16 (Friday).  So stormy and the Ground Hollow I could not go to Marlborough nor Sir Bradshaw to Brookfield nor Alexander, his Wife and Child to Framingham.  P.M. Mr. Jonathan Walker from No. 4 with Flax: bought 21½ lbs. of him, part of 5/, part 5/7 1/2 per pound.  Gave him a note for £5.16 old Tenor to Mr. Daniel Forbes.  At Eve came Breck from Ashby, and much tired.  His Brother William has writ to me of his Trouble and Difficulty at the Time of the great Thaw in January last.  He himself got over a swift stream which he was endeavouring to pass — but his Horse was carryed down the Current — but was at length stopped and was got out — the Saddle and Housing finally lost.  Sermonizing nigh finished for a.m. what I had been before providing.