February 7, 1770

1770 February 7 (Wednesday).  My son Alexander acquaints me with his Desire to throw up at Sturbridge and buy at Leicester, and settle there.  He waits on his Mother to Capt. Maynards.  P.M. He goes back to Framingham.  Consent to be bound for him for 600£ old Tenor on Condition that (as he proposes) the Premises be mortgaged to me for security.  Alexander Oliver goes home to Brookfield.  Wrote by him to John.  Wrote to Rochester and Sent it by Mr. Daniel Grout to Boston for Convayence.  Am Called to visit at Mr. Francis Whipple’s, another of his Children has the Throat Distemper.  Went and prayed with them.  Thence to Capt. Maynards and brought Mrs. P. home.  Sermonize on Prov. 28.13.  N.B. One Silas Childs, a poor rheumatic man, of Barnstable, and about 55 years of Age, here, and wants what can be spared him.