February 12, 1770

1770 February 12 (Monday).  My Son Alexander wants I Should go with him to Leicester to be bound for him if he buys the House, Mill etc. which one Ebenezer Crossman, Clothier, lately occupied there.  Before we went came Mr. Steward from Marlborough with Request (Verbal) from Mr. Smith to attend a Church Meeting next Friday at Marlborough, Mr. Smith himself being incapable, in his low state, to Moderate etc.  I replyed, the Weather uncertain, my going a Journey, etc.  Still Mr. Steward insisted and was not unwilling to preach for me next Sabbath — where upon I consented to go if I could with any Convenience etc.  My Son and I (Eating at home with out Dinner formality) Sat out about 12 o’Clock, and towards night arrived at the Forge House, so called.  Mr. John Southgate came to us.  Go to Mr. Matthew Watson’s.  There into Evening preparing the way for a Trade.  I go up to Mr. Conklins who is ill of Rheumatism, and lodge there.  Alexander to the Tavern (one Bond’s).