February 13, 1770

1770 February 13 (Tuesday).  Very foul weather.  A.M. kept at Mr. Conklins by the Storm — but there came to me the Three Partners in the Interest which my Son wants to Purchase, viz. Capt. John Brown, Mr. Mat. Watson (with whom was Mr. Thomas Denny) and Mr. John Southgate.  We all (except the last person) dined handsomely at Mr. Conklins.  The afternoon is spent in the Partners settling of their Accounts and agreeing with Mr. Watson about the Privilege of the Dam and Pond.  At Evening he consents and Quit Claims are signed by Capt. Brown and prepared for the Southgates John and Robert.  A Deed is prepared and signed by Mr. Watson.  Alexander and I lodge at Mr. Conklins.