March 29, 1769

1769 March 29 (Wednesday).  I rode to North Shrewsbury to See Rev. Asaph Rice under his great Affliction.  I first rode to Capt. Maynards and took with me Master Caleb Rice, who has put by his school for to Day.  At Lt. Martyns Mr. Whitney offers to be our Company.  I went to Mr. Jacob Rice’s, and eat and refreshed there.  They call me, and we stand along to Mr. Morse’s, where Mr. Rice keeps.  Mr. Morse and his wife are gone from home: he returns, and we dine together.  They relate the History of the Amputation, and of the strange Sympathy with the Hand, after it was Separated; against all my Infidelity.  Mr. Rice is in a hopeful way; and he is also learning to write with his left Hand.  We return home at Eve.  N.B. Mrs. Martyn joins her son in requesting me to write some Epitaph for the Tomb-stone which is to be prepared for Mr. Martyn.  Lt. Baker here at night; we reckon.  Wood# [At botton of page: #He throws in a Dollar.] 47£ 15/.  Book account £18.10.0 old Tenor.  Gave him a Note to Newton of £66.5.0 old Tenor.  My Son Alexander from Sturbridge.  He stops and lodges here.