March 8, 1769

1769 March 8 (Wednesday).  Numbers of Persons, both on the 6th and to day come for Notes to the Constable.  Adjournment of the Town Meeting.  N.B. They do not grant my Petition.  Messrs. Chamberlin and Belknap here at Eve to inform me of it, and Shew me their Regret that it was not obtained.  Ensign Snow was here also.  I am sorry on the Account of the People as well as my own.  They will not consider what a Loss it is to themselves.  I desire to committ my Self and Family, and chiefly my work to the Great and good God — who will care for me; and in His Name I would go on Chearfully notwithstanding.  Hear that Rev. Rice of Westminster is like to loose his Hand.  Tis said it is to be cutt off to Day.  May he obtain Almighty Grace and Support!