March 23, 1769

1769 March 23 (Thursday).  Rode to Hopkinton by Mr. Bradish’s to See his Aged mother — at Mr. Belknaps.  Went to Dr. Wilsons to pay him.  I owed him according to his account 20£.  He took 15£ and gave me Receipt in full.  Dined at Capt. Clarks.  Returned Vol. 1 and 2 of the world Displayed, and Miss Patty lent me Vol. 3 and 4.  Visit Mr. Barrett.  We converse on Mr. James Mellens Case — and We go to Lt. Abby’s, to talk with him, he having been one of the Apprizers of Capt. Ellis’s Estate.  At Eve returned home in Safety.  Lt. Baker here to reckon, but though he tarrys late We effect Nothing, but adjourn.