March 13, 1769

1769 March 13 (Monday).  Visit Rebecca Hardy once more.  Dr. Hawes and his Wife there.  Rebecca not Capable of saying much.  What she says is very broken, much of it unintelligible: most of her Time either sleeps, or crys out.  Her Legs dressed, her feet appear partly dead alread[y], some part of her Toes are mortifyed, as the Doctor judges, and the Ends are already black.  Her right Hand, he says, he could not perceive any Pulse in for many Dayes, though there is in her left.  I committ her to [sic] hardly thinking I shall see her alive any more.  I returned home.  Met Mr. Gale who had dined at our House.  At Eve hear Rebecca is Dead.  Capt. Baker of Bolton here, Mr. Edwards Whipple also.  Capt. Benjamin Fay offers to pay me some money.  He delivers me twelve Dollars and I gave him a Note to Constable Newton.