March 15, 1769

1769 March 15 (Wednesday).  Rebecca Hardy was buryed a.m.  I attended and prayed.  Mr. Tainter, Mrs. Maynard, Miss Sarah Adams and Miss Patty Warrin dined here.  I had sent to Mr. Whitney to come and preach my Lecture, but he did not.  I hear he has a Lecture to Day himself.  I preached on Joh. 14.21.  O that I might feel the divine Energy of the Word of God and that all my hearers might!  It was a considerable full Congregation.  I read to the People the Paper of the prizers of the late Capt. Ellis’s Estate, and what Mr. James Mellen was to have out of it for keeping the old Folks.  This was read in order to remove the Prejudices in the Minds of Persons which might prevent Contributing to his Relief.  Capt. Maynard and his Wife here after Meeting.  They sent us 25 1/4 pounds of Pork to Day, which I not knowing any thing about, till they were gone, did not so much as thank them for.