October 16, 1768

1768 October 16 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 37.  Preached on 1 Tim. 3.16, “believed on in the world.”  P.M. read Rom. 10.  Mr. Moore preached on Rev. 5.12.  Read to the Church a Letter from the Church of Ashburnham, which is complyed with, and Squire Whipple and Mr. Tainter were Delegates.  I gave the Church Some Account of what the Council did at Charlton.  I also mentioned to them the great Slackness of the Brethren of the Church in their watch over those who neglect to bring their Children to Baptism (having especially in my Mind, but I did not express any name, Jonas Bradish) and complained to them of many others who lived in this Neglect — neither did they watch over those who had owned the Covenant and yet did not walk orderly, as I had reason to fear.