November 2, 1768

1768 November 2 (Wednesday).  All that were sent to for this Ordination came.  There was neither Pastor nor Delegates (I suppose) absent.  I was chose Moderator and prayed at the Opening of the Council.  The Church of Ashburnham were very unanimous and fervent for Mr. Cushing.  One Mr. Foster had a Difficulty with the Church; but he was by no means willing to clogg the Ordination.  He was not a member of that, but of Lunenburg Church, but we put him and the Church into a way of Peace.  Mr. Cushing gave a Confession of his Faith, which was read before the Council and Church; and it was accepted.  In public Mr. Farrar prayed, Mr. Jacob Cushing preached on Gal. 1.11.12.  I gave the Charge, Mr. Asaph Rice prayed after the Charge, and Mr. Morse the Right Hand.  May God accept us, and command His Blessing!  The Evening afforded good Singing, but when it grew late, Some young Men who could be accommodated with lodgings, were too musical and airy, to our Disturbance.  For which

November 3, 1768

1768 November 3 (Thursday).  In the Morning I gave them admonition, which was Strengthened by my Brother Morse: and it had, I hope, some good Effect.  We returned by Westminster, and dined at Mr. Rice’s.  Deacon Wood and Brother Tainter dined at Mr. [blank] Harringtons.  Got to Mr. Morse’s at Evening and were refreshed there.  Called at Lt. Martyns and went in to see his Mother.  Arrived [here?] in safety before it was late.  Thanks to God our gracious Preserver.  Mrs. P________ informs me that Miss Bulah Bent and with her the Widow Ball, has been here to see us, on the 1st instant, as was Mr. Barrett.

November 6, 1768

1768 November 6 (Sunday).  Mr. Sumner to Westborough and returned home at Eve.  He preached a. and p.m. on Luk. and baptized a Child of Mr. Edmund Rice.  I preached at Shrewsbury a. and p.m. on 2 Cor. 4.16, occasioned partly by the late Death of Mr. Abraham Knowlton, a serious, godly man, who was buryed (in Shrewsbury) last Friday.  I returned home at Eve.

November 8, 1768

1768 November 8 (Tuesday).  Mr. Nurse has brought Suses goods, from Watertown and Boston.  Mrs. P________ and I rode to Mr. Williams’s to attend the Marriages of two of his grand-Daughters, Abigail and Ruth, the former to Nathan Kenny, the other to Reuben Pratt.  Sung part of Ps. 45.  They made a decent Entertainment.  May God grant His Blessing!

November 13, 1768

1768 November 13 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 40.  Preached on 1 Tim. 3.16.  P.M. read Rom. 13 and delivered the rest of the Discourse on Prov. 18.10 for my preparing the forenoon sermon had taken up so much of my Time that I could not get any Thing Special for the Day ready; this being the first Lords Day of the New Year with me and this Church.  I edeavoured to take due Notice of it in the first Prayer; and the Sermon was Suited to the sorrowfull Times in this Province, and at Boston in peculiar.  N.B. Richard Temple having worked here 3 Days, tarrys over sabbath.  At Eve read in Mr. Hemingway on Joh. 6.27.

November 14, 1768

1768 November 14 (Monday).  Mr. Batherick informs me between one and two o’Clock of a Town Meeting to Day, partly on Account of my support.  I was sorry I had no warning, Since [I am so unprepared?].  P.M. Squire Barnard and Mr. [Marsh?] of Sutton here and acquaint me with what Mr. Chaplains Church have done relating to Church Government and what a late Council have advised the agrieved to do.  Lt. Baker informs that this Town have done no otherwise than last Year, viz. have granted 500£ old Tenor, and nother [sic] further for Wood.  I hereupon sent in a Line to Shew that I could not discharge my Ministerial Duty without they also provide my Wood.  But I understand it was without avail.  At Eve came my son Ebenezer and his Daughter Elizabeth.  Also at Night came Alexander from Framingham.

November 15, 1768

1768 November 15 (Tuesday).  P.M. Mr. Sears came with a Team from Rochester, and dined here.  Afterwards Mr. Moore, accompanyed with Deacon Foster, Capt. White, Mr. Zeph. Bri[ges?] and Lt. Winslow from Rochester dined here — And at Eve, Mr. Collins Moore from Oxford.  No Success to even our best Endeavours to get an Horse for my Daughter SarahJohn also would fain go with his sister, but in [Vain?].  Neighbours keep aloof from us (except Mrs. Maynard who came here Yesterday).  Send six Horses to so many Neighbours.

November 16, 1768

1768 November 16 (Wednesday).  The Company leave us.  The Team with Goods — Mr. Moore in a Chaise with span of Horses.  My Suse leaves me!  May God go with her!  Sarah also, upon my Mare: and I have obtained Dr. Hawes’ Horse for John who joins them.  Temple (who thrashes) takes Care of the Creatures.  P.M. Ruth Bellows, who has lived with us Some time, now goes away also.

November 20, 1768

1768 November 20 (Sunday).  It being a Severe storm Deacon Wood came before Meeting to know my Mind about putting by the Sacrament, but when we went to Meeting there came so many that I thought it Duty to proceed.  Omitted Reading.  Preached on Mark 14.14.15 and was brief in the Administration.  Mr. Jameson dined here, as did Mrs. Bowker from Simsbury, accompanyed by her sisters Warrin and Kendall.  P.M. Omitted Reading — few were present.  Repeated on Isa. 55.6 to the End of page 6.  At Eve Mrs. P________ gave me a Letter from Alexander which he wrote in the House, before he left us last Wednesday, of his Case at Framingham.

November 21, 1768

1768 November 21 (Monday).  Went up to Lt. Bakers and agree with him to get my Wood again, the ensuing Year.  Temple goes to work otherwhere.  P.M. I walked out to Mr. Pratts, Maynards and Beetons to get an Horse to go to Framingham.  Obtain Mr. Beetons — but it rained and Snowed So that I could not go to Day.  Yet my Heart is full.  The Lord look upon our Distresses, and forgive our Offences!

November 22, 1768

1768 November 22 (Tuesday).  I rose early — and though it snowed I delayed not.  Rode to Framingham.  Went to Mr. Browns; just Saw Kezia and She retired, so that I saw her no more.  Dined there.  Mixed our mournings.  He agrees to go this Afternoon to the Town Clerk, Mr. Lawson Buckminster and I wrote to him my Sons Desire to be published.  In returning home called at Mr. Bridge’s, at Capt. Wards, and Mr. Stones.

November 23, 1768

1768 November 23 (Wednesday).  Am now concerned to get a Letter to Alexander to inform him of what I had done, and what was expected from him.  Wrote but know no way to Send.  O that God would Support and direct us!  Mr. Joseph Willard from Mendon here, having received a Call from the people there.  He goes over to Northborough.  The select Men having a Meeting at the Meeting House Capt. Jonas Brigham came in, Smoked and was sociable, and invited us to his House, as if nothing had been amiss.

November 25, 1768

1768 November 25 (Friday).  Ebenezer tarrys with us.  Richard Temple, who lodged here, takes Charge of a Letter to Alexander to leave it, at Dr. Bartons at Oxford, in his way to Killingley.  Ebenezer has made and now hangs and fitts a stable Door, for my new Stable.  John goes with the Team to Lt. Bakers for 4 Sleepers for Stable Floor — brings but three, and those but small ones.

November 27, 1768

1768 November 27 (Sunday).  A Snow storm.  Omitt Reading a. and p.m.  Preached this once more on 1 Tim. 3.16.  Mr. Jamison, Mr. Tainter (Simon) and Mr. George Smith, dined here.  P.M. went on with Sermon on Isa. 55.6.  O that God would give success, to our Eternal Benefit!  I could not but be fervent but am afraid of being over Earnest, lest I fall into Some Indecencys.  The Lord forgive what was amiss!

November 29, 1768

1768 November 29 (Tuesday).  Closely engaged.  Mrs. P________ undergoes the Labour of preparing her Years Apple-sauce.  Apples and Cyder she has of Mr. Tainter.  Master Jamison makes me a Visit and invites me to his Fast tomorrow, it being St. Andrews Day: but I must be quite otherwise employ’d.  He speaks to me also about joining to our Church that he may partake of the Sacrament.  At Eve Mr. Daniel Hardy here: desires me to preach at his House next Tuesday.