October 7, 1768

1768 October 7 (Friday).  Deacon Moses Weld was my Company to Sturbridge.  First to Col. Marcy’s, who is confined by Sickness — then to Alexanders fulling Mill, Shop etc.  Mr. Bullard is at work for him, rebuilding the Wheel etc.  Went in to Mr. Plimton’s, of whom Alexander hires.  Dined at Mr. Paine’s.  Proceeded to Capt. Ezek. Uphams, to Deacon Welds, and to Brookfield.  Deacon Weld kindly conducting me as far as Capt. Wolcotts: where I find Lowder, the Post-Rider who delivers the News, both written and Oral.  I then hasten to Mr. Forbes’ — get there seasonably — and lodge there.