October 6, 1768

1768 October 6 (Thursday).  Mr. Buckminster prays.  We go on for some time — but a Compromising and Reconcilement was promoted.  Dine at Mr. Twiss’s.  P.M. It is effected.  At Eve adjourn and retire to McIntire’s for Refreshment and transcribing the proposed plan for accommodation.  When we return to the meeting House it is read to the Partys, and accepted by them.  Mr. Curtis Signs it, all the aggrieved sign, except Mr. Daniel Williams.  The Brethren of the Church, chiefly, Sign also — and a Number of the Congregation.  This was to our great Joy.  It was followed by pathetic Exhortations etc.  I prayed after the Result of the Council was read.  Then the Moderator declared this Council was dissolved.  Lodged at Mr. Twiss’s.