September 1, 1768

1768 September 1 (Thursday).  Mr. Whipple and his son, and Mr. Batheric come to work but are sadly hindered by having the Principals to raise, and are yet more for want of Boards fit for the Gable End — Mr. Nurse, who was to provide white Pine Boards, not coming with them.  Nay I understand he is not So much as returned from his Journey in which he went to trade for them.  So far is he from bringing them here, that he is not so much as gone for them.  The work men break off a.m. and went home.  However I perswaded them to stay and dine.  P.M. borrowed Mr. Nurse’s Horse and rode to Mr. Amasa Maynards and agreed with him for some Boards, and John goes with a Team for them — brings 600, at 20/.  Though I have already provided Nails for my Building, yet Mrs. P________ sends me by Mr. Joseph Green junior a large Quantity of both Board and shingle Nails.

September 2, 1768

1768 September 2 (Friday).  Mr. Whipple, his son, and Mr. Batherick came to work, and they are covering and closing.  N.B. Enoch Rice was here last night and this morning.  I thought it best to comply with his Demand, rather than continue the Contest with him.  I gave him a Note of 20£ old Tenor to be paid, next April.  May God grant him a due sense of his Wickedness!  and forgive both him and me!  P.M. Alex. returns from Sturbridge.

September 4, 1768

1768 September 4 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 33 and p.m. Read Rom. 6.  Was disappointed of Help in preaching — having writ to and depended, on Mr. Cushing to come, that he might go with me to Mr. Moore’s Ordination but he did not come.  I was so hindered by the Barn and preparing my self for the Ordination that I was obliged to use a. and p.m. former Compositions, altered to the present Time, viz. on Hos. 9.12.  We had a Contribution for Montreal.  N.B. a Letter from Mr. Hutchinson to change the Private Meeting at Mr. Tainters, from Tuesday to Wednesday next: of which I gave the people Notice.

September 5, 1768

1768 September 5 (Monday).  Deacon Bond excused himself from going with me to Mr. Moore’s ordination.  Neither did Mr. Cushing come; I therefore Sat out alone in my Journey to Rochester.  Went through Southborough to Mr. James Parker at his uncle Temple’s at Framingham to get him to preach for me next Sabbath: but very much in Vain.  He said he would try to get Mr. Johnson who is a Candidate at Mr. Bridge’s.  Called at Coll. Buckminsters and got them to look after and enforce it.  Dined at Mr. Locks at Sherbourn.  P.M. to Mr. Bucknams at Medway.  At his House I never was till now.  He accompanys me 4 or 5 Miles in my way to Mrs. Stimsons in Wrentham; Mr. John Messenger waits on my [sic] to Mr. Beans, where Mrs. Simson is.  She receives me with great friendliness.  At Man’s Tavern find Company from Oxford: viz. Rev. Bowman, Coll. Larned, Capt. Moore, his Brother Richard and Major Davis: also my Son Samuel who followed me from Westborough.  We rode to Norton precinct.  Mr. Bowman, Coll. L. and I lodged at Coll. Ephraim Leonards.

September 6, 1768

1768 September 6 (Tuesday).  Mr. Richard Moore and my son came to us at Col. Leonards and were at Breakfast with us there.  After kind Entertainment we proceed on our Journey to Taunton, a considerable Town and River — stop at Deans — at Washbourns, where we dine.  Arrive, through Gods Goodness, at Mr. Ebenezer Perry’s in Rochester by about 4 p.m. where Mr. Moore lodge’s.  The ministers gathered here.  I lodged with Mr. Perkins of Bridgwater.

September 7, 1768

1768 September 7 (Wednesday).  The Church met at Mr. Perrys.  Council was formed.  Mr. Perk. Moderator and prayed.  Mr. Williams of Sandwich Scribe.  Found the Steps the Church and Town had taken preparatory were regular.  Deacon Foster desired Mr. Moore might be examined.  He was briefly, but exhibited a Confession which was read and voted satisfactory both by the Church and the Council.  Rev. Roland Thatcher opened the public Solemnity with prayer.  Mr. Adams of Roxbury preached on 2 Cor. 1.5.  The Moderator gave the solemn Charge; I gave the Right Hand.  Went in to See Venerable old Mr. Ruggles who is in his 83d Year.  Entertainment at Mr. Perrys and at Squire Ruggles’s.  Lodged again at Mr. Perrys, and every Night that I continued in Rochester.

September 8, 1768

1768 September 8 (Thursday).  Mr. Moore and I rode to Mr. Samuel Wests Lecture (at Dartmouth).  I preached on 2 Cor. 3.15.  After Lecture Mr. M. accompanyed me to the New Town that is building by the waterside, and which they call Bedford; chiefly by Capt. Roche, where we are civilly entertained.  Return to Mr. Wests, and lodged there.  Mr. W. is very entertaining l[illegible]ard.

September 15, 1768

1768 September 15 (Thursday).  Call at Mr. Paysons in Walpole.  N.B. his wife languishes.  Visit Squire Adams at Medfield — and Mr. Thomas Adams — his Library — dined at Mr. Townsends with Mr. Moses Adams and Mr. Jason Whitney who were returning from Mendon Ordination.  Call at Mr. Locks in Sherbourn — Coll. Buckminsters — Mr. Stones — old Madam Thatcher there.  Through divine Goodness, arrive safe and find my Tabernacle in Peace, but it is between 9 and 10 o’Clock at Night.  Mrs. P________ informs that Billys wife and Child have been here, and are gone home.  Hannah is come home.  Mr. Lovel and his wife (Lydia’s sister), Mr. Forbes — Mr. Putnam, have been here.  That Mr. Hutchinson preached on the 7th at Mr. Tainters — that Mr. Goddard preached on the 11th on Cant. 2.16 and on Mat. 5.25.

September 20, 1768

1768 September 20 (Tuesday).  The Town Meet in Complyance with a Request from the Town of Boston to choose a Representative to meet at a Convention, to consult what is best to be done, in Case Several Regiments Shall come, as expected, to enforce the late Acts relating to the Customs, or Dutys etc.  They choose Capt. Maynard.  Mr. Forbes here and lodges; but his Horse is at his Brother Rice’s.

September 21, 1768

1768 September 21 (Wednesday).  Mr. F. goes to wait upon the Superior Court at Worcester, in the Cause depending between Mr. Frink and the people of New Rutland.  I visit Capt. Maynards Family, his sons Wife, Mrs. Amsden, and Solomon Maynard being sick.  Captain goes to Boston p.m.  Alexander leaves us to go to SturbridgeJohn goes as far as Worcester to bring back the Horse, which his Brother rode upon.  Miss Betty Gott came.

September 25, 1768

1768 September 25 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 35.  Preached a.m. on 1 Tim. 3.16 — “believed on in the World.”  Administered the Lords Supper.  Master Jamison dined here.  P.M. Read Rom. 8.  Preached on Heb. 2.15, which subject my mind was much exercised upon.  May God please to prosper it to my own Help!  Read a Letter from Charlton to the Church.  They vote Complyance.  Received a Letter from Mr. Sumner himself concerning their Fast.

September 29, 1768

1768 September 29 (Thursday).  My Son goes to Watertown.  I have Mr. Bathericks Horse to go to the Fast at Shrewsbury on account of the Public Distresses.  There is no other Minister to assist Mr. Sumner.  He prays and I preached a.m.  My Text was Ezek. V.5 to 9.  I prayed and preached p.m.  Text was Mat. 24.12.  There was a good attendance.  I wish a divine Influence might be afforded!  Mr. Hawley of Mashpee came to us there, after Meeting, upon his Journey to Northampton.  Visit Capt. Nathaniel Allen who is confined by a bad Toe, which tis feared will mortifie.  Called at Mr. Samuel Fays in my return home at Night.