May 30, 1766

1766 May 30 (Friday).  Have employed Mr. Jacob Quincy to buy a Looking-Glass at Vendue.  It was obtained for 15£ though it seems to be worth much more.  Have bought me a New Beaver Hatt at Mr. Boardmans.  Cost 5 Dollars.  My wife has bought at Mr. Deshons, at private sale, a Bed, with new Tick.  Weighs 6 lbs. at 12/ old Tenor.  I visit Cousen Oliver, of whom I have Pools annotations both Volumes.  Visit Cousen Coverly — buy of him Watch Chain, neck-buckle, etc. etc. etc.  Mr. Loyd very helpful, kind and generous.  Mr. Surcomb sends his Negro with Chaise, in which Mrs. P________ goes.  I take our own (which we have for our Journey) and packing and taking Leave go to Mr. Surcombs to dinner.  N.B. Cucumber of this Year, at Table.  Rain detains us.  We get no further than Roxbury.  Lodge at Mr. Adams’s.