May 28, 1766

1766 May 28 (Wednesday).  A Time of Great Trial in the General Court.  Mr. Otis is chose Speaker: the Governor negatives him.  Mr. Cushing is chose in his stead.  Mr. Edward Barnard of Haverhil preached the Election sermon on Neh. 5.19.  Dined in Fanuel Hall.  Attended the Convention.  Mr. Rand was chose Moderator.  Mr. Adams of Roxbury Scribe.  N.B. The Committee which was chose a year or two ago to consider of a plan for the Disposing of the money contributed for a Fund to relieve poor Ministers Widows and Children, have not So much as once Met together upon the Business.  A gross Neglect!  As to the Election of Counsellors, Seven new ones are chose, to the great Grief of those who are Friends of the dropped, and that consider the Tendency of a struggle between the Governor and House of Rep. now.  Was at Mr. [Surcombs?] at Eve.  Supped at Brother Samuels.  Dined at Brother P________s.