May 22, 1766

1766 May 22 (Thursday).  Mr. Tainter here in the morning and pays me in Cash £61.1.0 old Tenor and pays me in various Notes £28.19.0 in like Money — in all £90 old Tenor.  He carrys Sarah to his House.  Messrs. Moore and Cushing leave us a.m.  Mr. Stewart here.  Mrs. Johnson has made me a Velvet Jacket which cost me 11.2.0.  N.B. Mr. Moore (who lately came from Prince-Town) is now going to Lyndsborough.  I rode to Worcester.  Dined at Mr. Maccartys and preached his Lecture (to a very few hearers, in a grand Meeting House, which I think lamentable) from Gen. iii.15.  Returned home at night.  Caleb has fenced the Little Lot south of the Meeting House.