April 2, 1766

1766 April 2 (Wednesday).  I visited in the Western part.  Dined at Mr. Moses Brighams.  Went chiefly to see Mr. William Nurse and Family — being sick and lame etc.  N.B. he paid me his Rates £5.12.10 old Tenor.  Was at Artemas Bruce’s, Widow Smiths, but she was gone to the Funeral of her Brother Mr. Joseph Miles.  I was also at Mr. Thomas Whitneys — and in returning I Spent some Time at Ensign Fays at Evening.

April 7, 1766

1766 April 7 (Monday).  Mr. Jonas Bradish runs Lines and searches Bounds of old Mr. Rice’s 16 Acres, his Pine Field.  In order to which they desire me to go with my plan of 13 acres and 14 Rods.  We go round my marks.  Capt. Wood and old Mr. Rice there part of the Time.  Mr. Zebulun and his sons Enoch and Levi there all the time of going round my Land.  And by our Measuring to the lower point Set up a stake, where we suppose the Pine Tree which is mentioned in the platt, but which Lt. Ward when he was with us there last Time, could not find, may be supposed to have stood — or near it.  Mr. Bradish and Neighbour Rice are upon the Same work p.m. but I went not.  Thomas Arnold brought Billys Oxen from Mr. Joseph Grouts.  With them and my 4 and Nathan Kennys, break up my West Pasture.  Mr. Ebenezer Maynard, Nathan Kenny, and a son of Mr. Nathan Maynard with my John, are the Hands.  Mr. Moore came, and lodges.

April 9, 1766

1766 April 9 (Wednesday).  Mr. Moore and Fessenden dine.  Reckoning with Mr. F. and he pays all that I ask him for his Board here two year agoe.  They both leave us — and at Eve Capt. Maynard came, and we settle Accounts and Interest with respect to his two first Notes of Hand, and the Interest of the rest of the notes to the 2nd of this instant, in which we take in Mr. Moffatts account of 27£ 4/ for Colouring Oil etc. and Ebenezers Note to Mr. Fessenden and the interest of it which was 9£ 2.6 old Tenor, but Capt. owes me, of Interest 36 pounds old Tenor, neither can he now pay any Thing upon the Note which is now up.

April 10, 1766

1766 April 10 (Thursday).  Mr. Ebenezer Maynard with his Oxen, Nathan Kenny with his and our 6, plow again and finish in the west pasture.  Young women Catechized.  29 of them.  We began at Qu. 62.  P.M. Dr. Throop here and lodges.  Sent his Horse to Mr. Zebulun Rice’s.  Sophy ill.


Deacon Tainter comes from Boston and brings me a savoury and endearing Letter from my Brother Parkman.  Suse to Capt. Maynards.  John diggs in the Garden.  At Eve Dr. Solomon Wheat — much lost and wants directions in his Road home, though it was not dark.

April 13, 1766

1766 April 13 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 18.  Preached on Tit. 3.7.  P.M. read Luk. 19.  Delivered the latter part of Exposition on Mat. 5.43-45, viz. from p. 6 bottom to the End of p. 14.  At Evening before Sun setting went over (being Sent for) to Mr. Joshua Childs, to his Wife, newly delivered and both Mother and Child very low.  Prayed there.  Returned about 9.

April 15, 1766

1766 April 15 (Tuesday).  Ebenezer Maynard junior and Jonas, each with Oxen etc. plow the remainder — takes till past 10 a.m. to do it.  Mr. Daniel Forbes obtains of me to take his Note of 300£ old Tenor upon Demand; for So much of Capt. Maynards Debt to me.  And for part offers me 2 acres of Meadow (@ 175£).  Though it rained I rode to Mr. Smiths at Marlborough Association.  Of the Members only Mr. Stone and Mr. Goss there.  Mr. Josiah Bridge and Mr. Fessenden.  See Minutes of Association.  I lodged at Mr. Smiths.

April 16, 1766

1766 April 16 (Wednesday).  Was in pursuit of the Book which Mr. Smith had lent me a great while agoe, and which I sent back by Lt. Lock, but he never delivered it.  Visit at Edmund Brighams, William Woods — and Mr. Amsdens, where I dined.  Mrs. Child being dead, I was sent for to attend the Funeral at one o’Clock, but not coming home, nor hearing of it, till it was too late, I did not go.  Gratifyed Mr. Williams by writing in his and his wife’s Name, a Letter in answer to Mr. Ezra Trask in Danvers.

April 18, 1766

1766 April 18 (Friday).  Mr. D. Forbes again about the Meadow, and wants an answer.  I ask till next Monday Evening.  Elijah and Adonijah Rice get out the rest of our Flax, and I pay for what has been done about the whole of the Flax: and for stone Wall work last Year.  Neighbour John Wood wants John to carry a Letter to Framingham containing subscriptions for continuing the County Road.  John takes the Opportunity to visit Alexander.  Thomas Arnold brings 20 Apple Trees from Squire Brighams at Marlborough.

April 22, 1766

1766 April 22 (Tuesday).  John fetches from Kendalls a Load of slabbs.  Caleb Winch comes to me, and having dined, goes to work.  P.M. I attended the Funeral of Mrs. ParmenterCaleb tarrys hereSarah is brought from Shrewsbury, brought home by Miss Bridgett Cushing, who and her Brother lodge here.  Caleb and John plow the Orchard etc.  Mr. Adam Rice brings from Mr. McAlpine, 3 Vol. of Magazines, handsomely bound.

April 26, 1766

1766 April 26 (Saturday).  Caleb gets out muck from the Stables, helps in the Garden etc.  P.M. goes to Framingham, and has my Mare.  P.M. Mr. Stone comes and I go to Southborough on Mr. Nurse’s Horse.  In the Way goin to Mr. Amsden who is low.  Talk plainly to him.  Pray with him.  Write to Mr. Smith to preach my Lecture.  I lodge at Mr. Stones.

April 28, 1766

1766 April 28 (Monday).  Mr. Stone returns home.  Master to his school.  Caleb comes at noon.  He and John get out muck at the Stables.  N.B. Mr. John Phillips of Shrings [?] Legg here and desires Contribution having lately lost his wife; he is much reduced.  Mr. Ezekiel Smith and Wife here to be examined.  The Cow I bought of Mr. Joseph Green (Price 28£ old Tenor) was brought home with her Calf — and I paid him for them, except [blank].