May 8, 1766

1766 May 8 (Thursday).  Caleb draws Stones off from the Field, and builds up the Wall behind the Meeting House.  My Wife and I, also John, attend the Family Meeting at Mr. Daniel Hardys (which was put off to this Day, by reason of the Funeral of Mr. Amsden on the Day upon which it ought otherwise to have been).  I preached on Rev. 22.14.  N.B. At the Same Time there was a Raising of a Barn at Mr. John Woods, notwithstanding that public Notice was given of the said Family Meeting.  This was to my great Grief!  After Meeting we called to See old Mrs. Warrin.  John goes to Mr. Joseph Grouts and brings Billys Oxen.  He gets Hay for his Journey, of Mr. Moses Nurse.