May 1, 1766

1766 May 1 (Thursday).  I rode to North Shrewsbury with Mr. Martyn to visit Brother Morse in his Affliction by his lame Hand.  We dined there.  I drank Tea there.  Returned home at Evening.  N.B. Mr. Benjamin How yesterday (except Lecture Time) and to Day a.m. graffed for me.  The Cyons were from Neighbour Nathan Maynards, Beetons (among which 6 of pears), Deacon Tainters, Mr. Ezekiel Smiths — and Some from my own Tree of Sir Harry Franklands Fruit.  Caleb and John finish the muck.

May 2, 1766

1766 May 2 (Friday).  They plow the great Field.  My Steers are orderly, and joined with the oxen make Sufficient Team.  Am Sent for to visit Mr. Amsden.  Am obliged to ride Mr. Fosters Horse mine being in his Service to go a large Journey to Thompson.  At Mr. Amsdens Neighbour Timothy Warrin who (upon Occasion of Mr. Gale’s saying that Mr. Amsden had not been well affected to me, though he never knew the Cause of it) had some thing to Say about Mrs. Andrews, which I replyed to as Time and Circumstances would allow.  Prayed and conversed with him and them; but he could hardly Speak.  Mr. Andrews and his Wife came at length: But nothing besides greeting passed.

May 4, 1766

1766 May 4 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 20 and 21 to v. 10.Preached on Tit. 3.7.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  Mr. Cushing, Mr. Eleazer How and his Sister Beeman, and Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. read Luk. 21.  Preached on Gal. 1.20 from p. 7 to p. 15, omitting p. 13, 14.  At Eve read part of Bishop Blackhalls Sermon on Mat. 5.16.

May 6, 1766

1766 May 6 (Tuesday).  Caleb harrows the Beeton Field and p.m. in the West Field.  Billy to Medfield.  My Wife and I attended the Funeral of Mr. Jacob Amsden who has just compleated his 77th Year.  Lt. Forbush and his wife very neighbourly and come in and tarry a while after the Burying — a Thing very unusual and unexpected, but highly acceptable.

May 8, 1766

1766 May 8 (Thursday).  Caleb draws Stones off from the Field, and builds up the Wall behind the Meeting House.  My Wife and I, also John, attend the Family Meeting at Mr. Daniel Hardys (which was put off to this Day, by reason of the Funeral of Mr. Amsden on the Day upon which it ought otherwise to have been).  I preached on Rev. 22.14.  N.B. At the Same Time there was a Raising of a Barn at Mr. John Woods, notwithstanding that public Notice was given of the said Family Meeting.  This was to my great Grief!  After Meeting we called to See old Mrs. Warrin.  John goes to Mr. Joseph Grouts and brings Billys Oxen.  He gets Hay for his Journey, of Mr. Moses Nurse.

May 9, 1766

1766 May 9 (Friday).  Billy Sets out on his Journey to Townshend, with his Cart and Oxen, and my Steers to make out his Team.  He carrys various Goods — his Desk, Curtains, Chairs, etc.  John also goes with him to help drive his Cow and Calf, and two Yearling Heifers of mine.  Mr. Stone of Yarmouth and Spouse, and Master Cushing dined here.  Caleb mends Fence at the Island: and does Some Work in the Garden.

May 10, 1766

1766 May 10 (Saturday).  Caleb on the Fences at the Island a.m.  P.M. new setts the Fence against Mr. Fosters Swamp and rebuilds the stone Wall by the Great Gate.  I am engaged on the Difficult subject of Good Works — from Tit. 1.8.  Difficult, because people are so prone to charge Ministers with Arminianism, even if they preach most Evangelically.  But may God direct me!

May 12, 1766

1766 May 12 (Monday).  At Mr. Parkers and Frosts.  Visit old Mrs. How.  Dined at Capt. Maynards.  P.M. Capt. Wood moves his Barn — was there — and at the Entertainment.  Hear of Several Deaths that were sudden and surprizing.  Especially of Capt. Nat. Coollidge of Watertown.  May God prepare me for my own Dissolution!

May 13, 1766

1766 May 13 (Tuesday).  By Virtue of a Letter from Dr. Crosby I was induced to go to Shrewsbury, who raised their Meeting-House.  Capt. Maynard accompanyed me up to Mr. Sumners; where I dined.  Messrs. Martyn, Maccarty, and Morse there.  It was late when we supped.  We Sung at Eve within the Frame of the Building.  I appointed and read Dr. Watts’s Hymn in imitation of Ps. 132.  I [prayed?] at Table, and Mr. Martyn returned Thanks.  Squire Whipple was my Company in coming Home.  Caleb and John harrow new turned up Ground at the Island.

May 14, 1766

1766 May 14 (Wednesday).  They sow that Ground with Oates: and Beeton Field with Flax.  Nigh a Bushel.  Lt. Forbush here, asks me and my Wife to raising of his House.  The Boys go on in furrowing.  Neighbour Newton plants the Field near us.  Am glad to read the Critical Review of Mr. Hutchinsons History of the Massachusetts.

May 15, 1766

1766 May 15 (Thursday).  Furrowing a.m.  Mr. John Kelly in affliction, trying to drive a very lame Ox, to Capt. Brigham’s.  P.M. I went to the Raising of Lt. Forbush’s House, and was at the Entertainment.  N.B. Neighbour Batherick Sat the Psalm and Sung a New Tune, and triple Time, viz. New York.  N.B. both Caleb and John at this Raising.  Mrs. Warrin from Upton dines.  I returned Jenks meditations.

May 17, 1766

1766 May 17 (Saturday).  My Lads finish planting Corn and Potatoes, a.m.  P.M. Mr. Zebulun Rice came and brought me a Print which was from Boston entitled “Glorious News” — viz. of the “Repeal of the Stamp-Act.”  For which may we have Grace to enable us to give praise in a suitable Manner to God for it.

May 18, 1766

1766 May 18 (Sunday).  I rode to the District and preached there, a.m. on Ps. 90.16.  N.B. had reference to the Remarkable Goodness of God in the Great Deliverance from the Oppressive Act.  P.M. on Ps. 77.13.14 and had still reference to the same wonderful work of God.  Mr. Martyn preached for me — a.m. on Gal. 6.4., p.m. on Joh. 15.5.  We, each of us, returned respectively at Evening.

May 21, 1766

1766 May 21 (Wednesday).  Visit Mrs. Kendal who is under Partial Salivation for the troublesome Eruption on her Hand and Arm.  Caleb and John cart fencing Stuff for the little Lot before meeting House; having mended the Fence at the Island, and altered it — running across at the Beaver Damm.  Mr. Moore and Cushing lodge.  Lieut. Baker agrees with respect to the Fence of the Acre before the Meeting House.  Mr. Elijah Rice’s Wife here to be examined.

May 22, 1766

1766 May 22 (Thursday).  Mr. Tainter here in the morning and pays me in Cash £61.1.0 old Tenor and pays me in various Notes £28.19.0 in like Money — in all £90 old Tenor.  He carrys Sarah to his House.  Messrs. Moore and Cushing leave us a.m.  Mr. Stewart here.  Mrs. Johnson has made me a Velvet Jacket which cost me 11.2.0.  N.B. Mr. Moore (who lately came from Prince-Town) is now going to Lyndsborough.  I rode to Worcester.  Dined at Mr. Maccartys and preached his Lecture (to a very few hearers, in a grand Meeting House, which I think lamentable) from Gen. iii.15.  Returned home at night.  Caleb has fenced the Little Lot south of the Meeting House.

May 26, 1766

1766 May 26 (Monday).  Mr. Dan. Forbes brought me 50£ old Tenor and Mr. Maynard (Capt. being gone to Stafford spring) Sent me 10 Dollars.  We undertook our Journey to Boston.  By the way visited at Coll. Buckminsters where we baited.  At Mr. Locks of Sherbourn where we dined.  At Mr. Townshends at Medfield and at Squire Adams’s where we drank Tea, Supped and lodged.

May 27, 1766

1766 May 27 (Tuesday).  We again set out upon our Journey.  Made some stop at Mr. Havens at Dedham and at Mr. Adams at Roxbury.  Mr. Holbrook and his Wife were gone to Hampton.  Dined at Brother Samuels.  P.M. We set our Selves to accomplish our Business in buying some Necessary Things into the House as well as Visit our Friends.  N.B. Deacon Edward Langdon is dead — but has left his Daughter in Law (my niece Winter) only a Pair of white Gloves.  We lodged at Brother Parkmans.

May 28, 1766

1766 May 28 (Wednesday).  A Time of Great Trial in the General Court.  Mr. Otis is chose Speaker: the Governor negatives him.  Mr. Cushing is chose in his stead.  Mr. Edward Barnard of Haverhil preached the Election sermon on Neh. 5.19.  Dined in Fanuel Hall.  Attended the Convention.  Mr. Rand was chose Moderator.  Mr. Adams of Roxbury Scribe.  N.B. The Committee which was chose a year or two ago to consider of a plan for the Disposing of the money contributed for a Fund to relieve poor Ministers Widows and Children, have not So much as once Met together upon the Business.  A gross Neglect!  As to the Election of Counsellors, Seven new ones are chose, to the great Grief of those who are Friends of the dropped, and that consider the Tendency of a struggle between the Governor and House of Rep. now.  Was at Mr. [Surcombs?] at Eve.  Supped at Brother Samuels.  Dined at Brother P________s.

May 29, 1766

1766 May 29 (Thursday).  Set my Self to pay all my Debts in Town.  Mr. Moffatt, McAlpine etc.  Attend the Convention again.  Mr. Storer has the Vote to preach the year after next.  Mr. Prentice of Charleston Preached on 1 Cor. 14.1.  I dined at Mr. Mathers.  P.M. the Convention met, but I was not there till the (last) prayer was over, having thought my Self obliged to visit the widow (of John) Breck under her Cancer, of which she was labored above a Year.  The Collection this Day amounted to 228£ old Tenor.  The Associated ministers of Boston, with the addition of Dr. Mayhew and Mr. Adams of Roxbury, are appointed a Committee to consider of Such a Plan as is above mentioned.  After the Convention I went to the [Alms?] House — where I heard the Grievous Complaints of Mr. Procter and his Wife against Mr. Leazenby overseer of the Work House, Royal Tyler and others of the Overseers of the poor, who (they Say) are unreasonably prejudiced against them.  N.B. My Wife and I still lodge at Brother P________s.  I visit Mr. Dudson Kilcop and his wife.  N.B. Great Stir at Court, the Governour having negatived the New Counsellors.

May 30, 1766

1766 May 30 (Friday).  Have employed Mr. Jacob Quincy to buy a Looking-Glass at Vendue.  It was obtained for 15£ though it seems to be worth much more.  Have bought me a New Beaver Hatt at Mr. Boardmans.  Cost 5 Dollars.  My wife has bought at Mr. Deshons, at private sale, a Bed, with new Tick.  Weighs 6 lbs. at 12/ old Tenor.  I visit Cousen Oliver, of whom I have Pools annotations both Volumes.  Visit Cousen Coverly — buy of him Watch Chain, neck-buckle, etc. etc. etc.  Mr. Loyd very helpful, kind and generous.  Mr. Surcomb sends his Negro with Chaise, in which Mrs. P________ goes.  I take our own (which we have for our Journey) and packing and taking Leave go to Mr. Surcombs to dinner.  N.B. Cucumber of this Year, at Table.  Rain detains us.  We get no further than Roxbury.  Lodge at Mr. Adams’s.

May 31, 1766

1766 May 31 (Saturday).  Rise early.  Set out before any body else in the House is stirring.  Breakfast at Mr. Cushings at Waltham.  Call at Mr. N. Goddards, whom I pay for the rest of my Debt for Cheese.  Dine at Coll. Buckminsters.  Arrive at home (Blessed be God!) in a measure of safety ourselves but hear that old Mrs. Elizabeth How (Neighbour Hezekiahs wife) dyed last Night.