August 30, 1759

1759 August 30 (Thursday).  This Morning Mr. Rice grows worse: it is the 35th Day of his illness, and there have been imperfect Crises, at the periods of 7 Days.  I had some free discourse with him yesterday and this morning concerning his Spiritual State.  He said if he had strength and Opportunity for it he could give me good Satisfaction concerning what God had done for him.  When I expressed by self that If he had true and living Faith — and If he had the Love of God etc. then how rich the promises, etc., he answered (whether delirious in some Measure, or no I can’t tell) I want none of your Ifs.  I went into another Room for a little space and while I was there Mrs. Rice, who was in great Distress for him, opening the Door a little, called me to go in, for she thought Mr. Rice was going to leave us.  I think she repeated it.  I went in and found him, to appearance in Extremitys.  But yet he could speak, and did not grow worse.  In this low state I was obliged to leave him and his distressed Family.  At Mrs. Rice’s Desire, I wrote a Letter for her which she signed, to her Brother in Law, Ensign Josiah Rice of Westborough.  Dined at old Lt. Newhalls in Leicester.  Stopped but a little while at Wor’ster, at Coll. Gardner Chandlers, and at Squire Pains, where was Mr. Thayer, who is going to supply Mr. Forb.’s place at Brookfield.  Weary and tired got home in the Evening and found my Family in some Comfort (through divine Goodness — D.G.) but Alexander is taken off from Business by Fever and Ague.  Miss Betty Johnson here to make up a Black Jacket for me — the Maynard Cloth Jacket having been new dyed, and now turned.