August 11, 1759

1759 August 11 (Saturday).  Alexander by Some help from Neighbour Zebulun Rice’s got in half of a Jagg of Hay from the Meadow, which is the Last (of first Cutt) which I intend to get this Year.  I leave the further part of the Newton Meadow and the whole of the Ministerial Meadow.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden here.  He now lodges at Mr. Daniel Forb.  Keeps School at Ensign Harringtons.  Joyful News of Crown Point deserted to the English.  Master Bowman comes from Brookfield with Mr. Joseph Mannings Horse.  Mr. Manning preaches for my son Forb. and Sends me a Letter by Bowman that he designs to come down with my Daughter Baldwin next Week.