August 7, 1759

1759 August 7 (Tuesday).  My Brother goes to Boston — carrys Sarah instead of his Daughter and Nabby is to reside a while with us.  Mr. Twitchell works for me — but having finished mowing what I propose for this Year, to Day he rakes; and gets home 3 Load.  He goes home at Night.  I carryed my wife to the private Meeting at Mr. Daniel Forbushs where I preached on Exod. 14, the straights and Difficultys of the Israelites at Pi-hahiroth but are bid to go forward into the Red Sea.  On Occasion of the present Juncture when our Forces are gone against Quebeck etc.  At Evening Mr. Benjamin How comes here with yesterdays News Paper, that I may read it, it being full of remarkable News, of our taking Niagara Fort, and Ticonderoga.  To God be all Glory!