April 25, 1759

1759 April 25 (Wednesday).  Though I sent to Mr. Hutchinson to come and preach my Lecture to Day he came not.  N.B. He rode by the Door; and (notwithstanding Mrs. P________’s Sickness) did not call; but according to his Custom, Sent me his Message from the Shop, that he was pre-engaged.  I preached my self on Jer. XII.2, latter part.  N.B. There were so few at Meeting, though good Weather, that I could not but take Notice of it, and lamented it in the Exercise.  N.B. Mr. Thomas Fessenden (who is junior Batchellour) keeps School for a little while, at Mr. Francis Whipples’s [sic] — was here.  Cousin Maynard and Persis Crosby also at Tea, after Lecture.  Several Days of this Week I visit Mr. Nurse and pray with him — he being Still in a dangerous State, and growing worse from time to time.  Widow Betty Rogers helps us.