April 10, 1759

1759 April 10 (Tuesday).  I rode out again for a Maid or Nurse to be in Pattys Stead — obtain Persis Rice, who comes in the afternoon.  My Wife was calm and cool in the Morning.  At length She had a strong Ague Fitt, was sick and reached to Vomit; then came on Fever [blot]ness and Faintness; She can’t part with Patty though Persis is here.  Dr. Crosby — and a great Variety of Company.  My son in Law Baldwin came; and informed that Billy has listed again, to go under him, who is going Captain of the Second (of Captain’s) Companys in the first Battalion of Coll. Ruggles’s Regiment: He supposes also that Mr. Forbush is going.  I was very much struck at his Account of Billys going again.  He dined here and soon went off to go to Boston, taking leave of me as Supposing he Should not See me again before his Marching.  Dr. Asaph Rice from Berwick here.  Mrs. Joanna Forbush, Mrs. Joslin who had fallen off from the Horse on which her son Whitney was waiting upon her home.  She was greatly terrifyed and distressed, So that I was obliged to go out to her (at Mr. Whitneys Request) to compose her: in which I succeeded.  Thomas rides my mare to Marlborough.  At Eve Mrs. Pratt (wife of Neighbour Hezekiah) and she tarrys to Watch.  The Doctor concludes my Wife’s illness will turn to Fever and Ague.  Samme is also ill.  It Seems to be Fever and Ague.  My Tryals are at this Time very various.  May God sustain me!  N.B. John Dunlop came with an Horse whilst I was in my Chamber writing the above, and carryed off his sister without either of them saying one word to me.