April 9, 1759

1759 April 9 (Monday).  The Widow Newton watched with my Wife last night.  She takes Sophy home with her; and little Hannah is at Deacon Tainters.  By reason of Patty Dunlops uneasiness to go home, I rode to Lt. Brighams at Southborough to get Mrs. Suse Gleason to be in her Room, but in Vain.  Was at Mr. Isaac Johnsons.  Visit Mrs. Gourdots (or Gurdow) who has lost her son, his wife and a Child in Canada, at the Isle de Orleans of the small pox: and tells me 700 Neutral French had dyed of the same Distemper.  Called at Mr. Amsdens to discharge my Duty to him respecting his Drinking and in particular laid to him his bad Condition on the Thanksgiving Day — Not having had Opportunity to Speak to him of that till now.  May God Sett home and prosper the Admonition!  When I came home here was Mr. Wellman who came from Sutton, Supposing I had sent to him to come.  He dined here.  Dr. Crosby here.  My Wife low, but her fit is gone off all this Day.  At Night the Doctor here again in his Return from Marlborough, where multitudes have gone, it being the Day of the Mustering of the Soldiers, who are going to Canada.  P.M. I also rode to the Widow Thurstons to get one of her Daughters to help us — but in Vain.  In my Way called to see Mr. Blanc and acquaint him with Mrs. Gourdots Troubles — and to see Mr. James Miller and Family; and his Brother Daniels.  At Deacon Tainters to see my little HannahNabby Rice, Mr. Zebulun’s Daughter, watches to night.