April 13, 1759

1759 April 13 (Friday).  rose at ½ after 3 (though I took a Nap below).  My Wife was expected to have a Well Day — but it proved otherwise, for though She was got up, yet was She very ill.  At 3 and ½ p.m. she is aguish and it holds her to half after 5, and then comes on a Fever which continues into Night, to my great Distressing.  I visited and prayed with Mr. Nurse, who grows worse; and says he is almost out of Hope of any Cure.  Billy has the Meazles full — and keep[s] his Bed all Day.  All Things work kindly with himSamme also is so well as to run abroad.  Deacon Tainter from Boston — brought my Wife a Bottle of Madera.  At Eve Mr. Whitney, Mr. Wood, Mr. Daniel Forb.’s Wife here.  Capt. Wood also — who offers to go or send to Dr. Wilson.  [I am?] writing to Dr. Crosby of it, to night, to be sent early tomorrow morning to him; I consented.  And now O that God would be pleased to Sanctifie these sorrowful providences to me!  Would He be pleased to extend His gracious Pity to His poor Hand-Maid, and grant her Relief to soul and Body for His Name’s sake!  Priscilla Rice and Lydia Newton watch.