April 14, 1759

1759 April 14 (Saturday).  Thomas goes with my Letter to Dr. Crosby, while Captain Woods goes to Dr. Willson.  And they both came.  They dine with me, and retire to consult together.  Dr. Willson much inclines to give her a Vomit, yet She is So very weak it looks as if She could not Survive it: they conclude upon it and that Dr. Crosby come here to Meeting tomorrow, and in the morning administer it, and tarry to see it work.  To my Surprize my eldest Brother came to See me at time of signal Distress.  But he knew not of Mrs. P________’s illness when he sat out from Home.  He is upon a Journey to Connecticutt.  My Wife has her Fit, both of Ague and Fever very strong; and she is extremely weak.  Billy gets up and walks — but keeps the Chamber.  A great and noticeable Favour that he has the Distemper so moderately.  But Samme is poorly — So checkered is our State!  May the Lord look upon us and be mercifull to us as He uses to do to them that fear His Name!  Mrs. Bond watches.