December 29, 1757

1757 December 29 (Thursday).  Very Rainy.  At my Brothers who Still lives and discourses in a wonderful Manner.  I went to Lecture.  Mr. Mather preached on Rom. 6.1.2.  Dined at Cousen Langdons.  P.M. Visited Mr. John Ruddock: Mrs. [Coverley?] and especially my Brother who though in the morning he was comfortable, yet is now much sunk yet in a steddy Assurance of Eternal Glory.  I catched a few words from him which I wrote from his mouth.  Took solemn Leave of him not knowing but that my Affairs might allow me to undertake my Journey in the Morning.  In the Evening I visited Mr. Mather; and then Deacon Greenough where I supped.  Lodged again at Brother Samuels.


My Dear Brother Said, [blank].