December 27, 1757

1757 December 27 (Tuesday).  Visit my Brother again, who was able in a wonderful Manner to express himself concerning the almighty and Sovereign Grace of God which had been extended to him — and had been of a long time (as he expressed it) above half an hundred Years.  Visited cousen Abigail P____ who last week sold her Husbands the late Dr. Elias P____’s Books, in main part, at Vendue, but got but little for ‘em.  I dined at Dr. Perkins’s.  N.B. I borrowed the Earl of Orrerys account of Dr. Swift.  Supped at Cousen Nathaniel’s.  Find him more Serious than heretofore.  Lodged at Brother Samuels.  N.B. Capt. Job Bradford who courts my Neece (Miss Betty), is newly come in from Nevis.