December 5, 1757

1757 December 5 (Monday).  Ensign Harrington came early with his Horse for me to ride to Stoneham and Boston: my Principal (earthly) end and Design being to take up Some money for my son Ebenezer to enable him to pay for the Gilbert place in Brookfield.  I rode to Mr. Joslins and received of him a piece of Gold of 33£ old Tenor — 2£ 18s 3.2 L.M. or £ old Tenor being Mr. Joslins province Rate I was empowered by Constable David Maynard to receive — and the Change he could not give me.  I engaged therefore to deliver it when I returned.  I dined at Mr. Bridge’s in Framingham; had a Dark ride in the Evening through Menotomy and the rest of the Road to my Kinsmans Mr. Joseph Briants in Stoneham, where I lodged.