December 25, 1757

1757 December 25 (Sunday).  Thawy and rainy.  Read 1 Chron. 22.  Preached on 2 Cor. 10.4.  At noon received two Letters from Boston: one from my Brother Samuel, the other from my Kinsman Winter of the extreme illness of my Eldest Brother of a Pleurisy, dated the 21.  They were very shocking.  P.M. I desired public prayers.  Read Luk. 11 from v. 27.  Preached on Eccl. 5.1, latter part, using chiefly a sermon from thence which carryed on the Scheme of the sermons of the 11th but with many additions especially of Application.  Stopped the Church to read them Mrs. Judith Bellows Paper of the 3d instant, and left it to their Consideration.  Craved leave to read to my Brethren some passages of the Letters received to Day and entreated their sympathy.  After meeting borrowed Cornet Brighams Horse to go to Boston, and he left him for Me.  And now O that I might my Self be properly affected with this great Affliction!  And might be suitably prepared for the holy and Sovereign Will of God!