September 25, 1757

1757 September 25 (Sunday).  My Kinsman Winter and his Wife here.  Read 1 Chron. 10.  Preached on Jer. 8.6.  P.M. read Luk. 4.  Preached on Prov. 13.21.  Evil pursueth sinners.  Used part of Sermon on Isa. 33.14.  Used viz. from page 15 to 26, Top.  N.B. I did not discover till next morning, that I had ever repeated pages 15 and 16 before.  Though it be set down upon the Cover, yet I did not See it.  N.B. Mr. Nathan Stone junior our present School-Master, dined here.  N.B. I stopped the Church to desire their minds about my going to preach at Cumberland the 3d Sabbath of the next Month.  It was voted, I think, unanimously.  I did also put the Church in Mind of two Other Articles, viz. the Affair of Sister Judith Bellows; and the Ordination of Deacons, both which articles I might reasonably have expected that Some or other of the Church would have Spoke about at Some time or other; but having waited for that in Vain I was now obliged to desire them to ripen their Thoughts that we might do Something to Effect.  I am much troubled with Soreness in my Eyes.