September 17, 1757

1757 September 17 (Saturday).  I could not have rest in my own Mind without going to See Old Mr. Kelly again and Old Mrs. Lovell.  I accordingly walked as far as Mr. Jonah Warrins (calling at Mr. Hammonds and Saw his Wife ill, with Something.  She went out and vomited.  It filled me with Trouble!).  Mr. Warrin furnished me with an Horse and I endeavored to discharge my Duty to the sick old people above mentioned.  P.M. I rode up to Mr. Ebenezer Cutler’s in Grafton, he lying Sick of a Fever.  Proceeded — and arrived at Mr. Hutchinsons; but he was gone to Westborough.  Went in to the School House to see the French Family there, Claude du Gas.  They are not so Sociable, as our Neutrals.