September 5, 1757

1757 September 5 (Monday).  Amon and Magdalene Blanc here early, going to Cambridge etc.  Could not get a piece of Gold changed — therefore paid them only 5£ and Sixpence old Tenor.  Viz. to Amon £[5]3/, to Magdalene 47/6.  Settled all accounts with Mr. Beeton and paid him all to this Day.  N.B. Near Esquire Bakers had some Discourse with him about visiting — for I went for that End.  When he spoke of my going in to See ‘em (which was upon my saying that I had been thinking to make a Time on purpose to make ‘em a visit) I told him he did not give me leave, by coming to See me.  He answered that they were very busy, and were hard driven.  And When he asked me to walk on, he soon told me that he must come out again to his work.  I remarked to him how odd a Thing it was that such a Person as he would not afford so much as One half an Hour in a Twelve Month to spend with his Minister — for he had not bin once to see me this twelve month.