June 16, 1757

1757 June 16 (Thursday).  I accompanied Mr. Edwards and Hauley a few Miles upon their Road being my Self going to Mr. Jabez Snow’s to the burying of his infant son.  N.B. Mr. Edwards Shewed me his Book against the Adversarys of the Doctrine of Original Sin, especially against John Taylor.  N.B. God was pleased to grant us a refreshing Shower of Rain this morning.  I think there has been no rain since May 24 till now.  D.G.  But it was neither Extensive nor lasting.  Mr. Moses Twitchel and Abraham Bond at work at the Clearing towards Mr. Nurses, he not having yet finished the Piece he undertook last year.  P.M. Mr. Daniel Miller cleared for me, and asked me only 4/ Old Tenor for it.  At Eve reckoned with Mr. Rolf and paid him all.