June 5, 1757

1757 June 5 (Sunday).  Read 2 K. 17.  Preached on Joh. 14.6, last Clause.  Administered the Lords Supper — but not till I had spoke to Mr. Samuel Fay junior.  I asked him whether he had not received a Letter from me?  He answered that he had received one this morning but did not know what was in it, for he could not read writing.  I told him I Sent to him as Soon as I received the Complaint and related to him the Substance of the Letter.  He asked me whether the man was of the Church.  He said he Supposed that person was not allowed privilege etc.  I answered him that I conceived he was not cut off from Such privilege as these.  However, I advised Brother Fay to withdraw, that the Communion might not be disturbed.  Upon which he withdrew, saying as he went that he counted he had met with hard Treatment.  The Deacons, Tainter and Bond and Mr. Moses Twitchells Wife dined with us.  P.M. read Mark 10 and having delivered all my preparations in one Exercise, p.m. I repeated, with Alterations my Expositions on Mat.  Signs of Rain go over.