June 1, 1757

1757 June 1 (Wednesday).  I understand that Ebenezer came from Brookfield last night.  Daniel Wyman, ‘prentice to my son Baldwin, came here last night, from Sudbury; and lodged here.  This morning Billy and he drove my Bell-Cow (of Cambridge breed) to their Master Baldwin: And they are to take my Young Cattle with Ebenezers along with them to Brookfield.  Judge Ward brings me a paper of Subscriptions, headed by Mr. Stone and a great number more of Southborough people to print my sermon on Ezek. XXII.30.  Dr. Crosby here informs me that this morning poor Mr. Wilson of Shrewsbury escaped his House and Watchers, and is not found, though many are in Search for him.  Mr. Wilson had got away into the Woods of Phinehas Gleasons place and was found there.  My Wife at Ebenezers to assist them in going away.  And stays there all night.  For Eliza goes away in middle of the Night with the two little Girls, Betty and Molly; in my Chair drawn by my Mare, and my Daughter Sarah goes with her to help her.