December 31, 1756

1756 December 31 (Friday).  My Wife to Mr. Charles Rice’s — Merchants and Beetons.  Mr. John Nichols of Upton here — and has one of Mr. Hopkins’s History of Stockbridge Indians.  Mr. Samuel Fay here at Evening — tells me that in Boston he saw the Funeral of Coll. Pollard; the Cadets, of which he was Captain were in Mourning.  This Gentleman was also high Sheriff of the County of Suffolk, and has had a long run of Pleasure and Honour and as I suppose of worldly Wealth.  But behold a Period of human Glory!  It cannot descend after him.  His Gay Flourish and his enlivening Voice at Publick Ceremonies will be seen and heard no more!  May God grant that the Last Day of the Year may Suitably affect me with a Meditation on the Last Day of my Life!  But alas how far am I from what I ought to be!


I am very frequently much impressed with the thoughts of my Departure, and my State and Condition in that Eternal World into which I am hastening; and O how inexpressibly awfull that Day, that Hour will be when that work must be done, which is of Such Consequence to Me!  And O how important the Work I am now, in Life, to accomplish if I would have that Day and Hour to be comfortable to Me!  O God of infinite Mercy and Goodness, grant Me thine Almighty Grace to help a poor, miserable, helpless Worm!  For without Thee I can do Nothing!  Without thine Illumination, what hideous Darkness my Soul is filled with!  Without thy Strength, what mere Impotence am I!  Without thy Sanctification how Corrupt!  And without the Robe of thy Righteousness, O divine Savior What Raggs and Rottenness cover Me!  O that I were enabled to fly to Thee for thy most gracious Influences, that I may be truely Sensible of my State; may mourn for my numberless Offences, after a godly sort; may believe in the great and only Redeemer, to my Souls Salvation.  And might I obtain Such Evidences hereof as may be to my Support and Consolation in Christ Jesus!