December 28, 1756

1756 December 28 (Tuesday).  Ebenezer goes to Brookfield about the Gilbert place.  Neighbour Alpheus Newton kills a large Hog for me — weighed 269, and a smaller, weighed 152.  P.M. I made a Visit to the Widow Ward to talk with her and her Nephew Mr. Jonathan Ward, who was there, concerning Some uneasiness which the late Deacon Forbush told me there was among them and we were so happy as to remove the misunderstandings which were between us.  When I left them I visited the Widow Gale.  Was at Mr. Abijah Gale’s.  N.B. Capt. Thomas Amsden there.  Dr. Gott also.  The latter is come from Brookfield, and informs me that he is going to Settle in Marlborough.