December 22, 1756

1756 December 22 (Wednesday).  Breck is brought home from Ebenezer because he is Lame, having cut his right Legg with an Ax, before the former Sore on his left is healed.  P.M. my Wife and I rode in the Slay to Monsieur Le Blanch’s.  The poor Man is still much out of Health: the Woman much better.  They conducted with much Civility, and presently prepared Tea for us.  But I could make very little Opportunity to convey Instruction about Religion.  When I injoined to mind those great Matters etc. he told me they did more about those Things than the English People here did: the Young People here, he said, were very wicked so that he would not let his sons go much among them.  This was to my great Grief and Obstruction in what I would fain do for them.