December 27, 1756

1756 December 27 (Monday).  I rode to the widow Forb. about Pork.  Bought a Side of an Hog of her, the other side being bespoke by her Brother Zebulun Rice; and thence I rode, through much difficulty in the Snow, to Ensign Harringtons, where I dined.  P.M. at Ensign Millers where I bought another side of Pork, the other side of that was sold to his son Seth.  N.B. When I returned home found Neighbour Blanc at my House.  He spent the Eve with us: Mr. Biglow came to wait upon him home.  Mr. Samuel Fay junior and his Wife here.  They and Mr. Biglow Supped.  N.B. My son Ebenezer here and brings 4 Quarters of Beef, being two Quarters more than I expected.  They weighed 450 lb.  He brought the Hide; weighed 74 lbs.  Tallow but 28 pounds.