April 28, 1755

1755 April 28 (Monday).  The Church met by Adjournment to receive Brother Jonathan Forbush juniors Answer — he desir’d to be excus’d, but his Reasons not Satisfying the Church, he submitted.  Wrote a Letter to my Wife at Brookfield in Answer to hers by Deacon Forbush.  Deliver’d mine to Mr. Francis Whipple who designs to Lambstown[1] tomorrow.  N.B. I very affectionately let the Church know (at their meeting to Day) that my Difficultys and Burdens are inexpressibly great, So that I was unavoidably forc’d to omitt many Things in my ministerial Work which I would most gladly perform — many Schemes and Designs for their Souls Good, I was forc’d to drop — and I could not but greatly lament it for their sakes as well as my own.  I let ‘em know that it was very much against my Inclination to be uttering Complaints — I was averse to putting Memorials to the Precinct.  I therefore apply’d to Them as the Lord’s People praying they would advise some way or other for my Relief.  However at least to let me have their fervent Prayers to God for me.  And thus left it.

[1]Lambstown plantation had become the town of Hardwick.