April 2, 1755

1755 April 2 (Wednesday).  It rain’d, had no Horse to go to the Fast Exercises at Mr. Jonah Warrin’s till accidentally my Daughter in Law came with her Child.  The Roads bad and it rain’d so that she did not go (as she design’d) — therefore I took her Horse and went.  I pray’d first; Mr. Fish[1] preach’d on Luke 19.10.  He pray’d p.m. and I preach’d on Phil. 4.11.  Sarah Warrin in So ill a frame that before we began the Exercise I could not get it out of her that she desir’d that what we were undertaking, or concurr’d in it — however she did tarry with us.  And at Eve desir’d to talk with Mr. Fish — and when I took leave she ask’d me to remember her as being, if not under Conviction yet under Temptations.  My Daughter Eliza return’d home at Eve with her Child.

[1]The Reverend Elisha Fish of Upton.