April 16, 1755

1755 April 16 (Wednesday).  Mr. Stone preach’d an Excellent Sermon from Rom. 6.17.After Lecture Deacon Millen came and left a Paper of Questions for the Association to Solve.  N.B. Mr. Prentice[1] of Holliston and his new Spouse, came and din’d with us.  N.B. before we broke up, we that were of the Association had Some serious Discourse with Brother Barrett upon the late Complaints against him — which may God bless and render Effectual!  Mr. Cushing my Company home.  I ask’d both Mr. Cushing and Mr. Stone to preach my Lecture tomorrow, but in Vain.

[1]The Reverend Joshua Prentiss married Margaret, the daughter of Nathaniel Appleton of Cambridge, Jan. 9, 1755.