April 23, 1755

1755 April 23 (Wednesday).  This Morning my Wife, accompany’d by Deacon Forbush Set out on her Journey to Brookfield.  She had Ebenezers Mare to ride on.  I borrow’d old Mr. Charles Rice’s to ride to Shrewsbury, to preach Mr. Cushings Lecture — din’d there — but Mr. Cushing[1] of Waltham being on a Visit to their Parents I conceiv’d it would be more agreeable for him to preach and therefore I requested him to — he comply’d and preach’d on Luke 12.43.  N.B. Discourse with Mr. Thomas Smith who went to a Wise-Man (Mr. Williams Wood a blacksmith in Scituate nigh Providence) to know where Mr. Keys’s lost Child might be found.  Call’d for my Account with Dr. Smith as I return’d at Eve.

[1]The Reverend Jacob Cushing was the son of Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.