April 1, 1755

1755 April 1 (Tuesday).  Wrote out 12 Principal Articles of Religion for the Benefit of Candidates for Communion.  News that the Burning last night was Captain Thomas Amsden’s House in Marlborough.  Suspected to be by his son in Law Dr. Robinson.[1]  P.M. Captain Fays Company call’d together to beat for Volunteers at the Desire of Captain Speakman of Boston.  N.B. Mr. Henry Burns of Marlborough here.

[1]Jeremiah Robinson had married Eunice Amsden.

April 2, 1755

1755 April 2 (Wednesday).  It rain’d, had no Horse to go to the Fast Exercises at Mr. Jonah Warrin’s till accidentally my Daughter in Law came with her Child.  The Roads bad and it rain’d so that she did not go (as she design’d) — therefore I took her Horse and went.  I pray’d first; Mr. Fish[1] preach’d on Luke 19.10.  He pray’d p.m. and I preach’d on Phil. 4.11.  Sarah Warrin in So ill a frame that before we began the Exercise I could not get it out of her that she desir’d that what we were undertaking, or concurr’d in it — however she did tarry with us.  And at Eve desir’d to talk with Mr. Fish — and when I took leave she ask’d me to remember her as being, if not under Conviction yet under Temptations.  My Daughter Eliza return’d home at Eve with her Child.

[1]The Reverend Elisha Fish of Upton.

April 8, 1755

1755 April 8 (Tuesday).  Lucy and I ride to Marlborough to consult Dr. Brigham about her.  She is blooded — we din’d there.  I went to Captain Daniel Barns’s[1] and paid Mr. Barns the full of my Account there; which was about 6£ old Tenor.  Visit Mr. Smith[2] — and also Mr. Ephraim How and pay my Interest there.  We return home at Eve; find our Tabernacle in Peace.  D.G.

[1]Also a deacon in Marlborough.

[2]The Reverend Aaron Smith of Marlborough.

April 9, 1755

1755 April 9 (Wednesday).  I rode down to Mrs. Belknaps who lies Sick — found her in an Excellent Frame as to her Spiritual Frame, pray’d with her — Said what I possibly could to her Husband to induce him to Reflect on himself.  Din’d at Chamberlins.  N.B. their bitter Complaints of Mr. Jonathan Bellows’s.  At Eve Mr. Baldwin here — and lodg’d here.  My Mare was kept at the Squire’s.

April 10, 1755

1755 April 10 (Thursday).  In the Morning Mr. Whitney gave his Letter to the Church, containing his Denyal.  Catechizing a.m. about 28 young Men attend the Catechetical Exercise.  P.M. Church meeting by Adjournment to receive the Answers of the Elected Deacons.  Mr. Bond after a modest refusal, and the Church insisting on their Choice, submitted.  Mr. Whitneys refusal (in writing as aforesaid) was read but the Reason which is couch’d in it, not satisfying the Church we adjourn’d to this Day sennight after Lecture.

April 13, 1755

1755 April 13 (Sunday).  Read 2 Sam. 2.  Preach’d on Mat. 5.4, and therein deliver’d one of my former Expository Exercises with Alterations Accommodating it to a Scheme I have now in Hand, viz. the manner of the Souls Preparation and coming into Christ.  P.M. read Gal. 1, and preach’d from number 15.16.O what a great important and glorious Work this of bringing the Soul to be acquainted with and united to Christ is!  May I myself be one of those who happily experience this — but alas!  My Great Darkness and Perplexity!

April 16, 1755

1755 April 16 (Wednesday).  Mr. Stone preach’d an Excellent Sermon from Rom. 6.17.After Lecture Deacon Millen came and left a Paper of Questions for the Association to Solve.  N.B. Mr. Prentice[1] of Holliston and his new Spouse, came and din’d with us.  N.B. before we broke up, we that were of the Association had Some serious Discourse with Brother Barrett upon the late Complaints against him — which may God bless and render Effectual!  Mr. Cushing my Company home.  I ask’d both Mr. Cushing and Mr. Stone to preach my Lecture tomorrow, but in Vain.

[1]The Reverend Joshua Prentiss married Margaret, the daughter of Nathaniel Appleton of Cambridge, Jan. 9, 1755.

April 17, 1755

1755 April 17 (Thursday).  My Lecture on Ezek. 5.5 to 9.  N.B. Mr. Eliezer Rice asks that his Children might be baptiz’d on his Wife’s Account which is readily consented to.  N.B. The Church stop’d according to Adjournment.  Mr. Whitney persisting in his Refusal the Church proceeded to choose another Deacon.  First tryal was scattering.  13 for Brother Tainter: 11 for Brother Jonathan Forbush junior, 1 for Brother Francis Whipple and 1 for Brother David Maynard junior — try’d a second Time — still too Scattering.  14 for brother Forbush, 13 for his Father Tainter again: 2 for Brother Whipple — try’d a Third Time: and then Brother Forbush was chose, viz. 15 out of 29, 11 of which were for Lieutenant Tainter, 2 for Mr. David Maynard and one (if I mistake not) for Mr. Whipple.  Adjourn’d to next Monday come sennight 2 p.m.  Deacon Bond and his Wife here after meeting.

April 19, 1755

1755 April 19 (Saturday).  My Wife does not return a.m. by reason of the Rain: but it Clearing away p.m.  She came in Safety.  N.B. her Kinswoman, Dr. Brighams Wife, a third Child, the oldest not 3 years old till next August.  N.B. Brother Hicks here in his Journey from Cambridge home.  N.B. a Child of Mr. Robert Keys nigh Wachusett missing Some Days.

April 20, 1755

1755 April 20 (Sunday).  A.M. read 2 Sam. 3.  Preach’d on Gal. 1.15.16.  Administered the Lords Supper.  P.M. omitted Reading.  The Sermon was formed out of Number 130.131 of Expositions on Mat. 7.15-21.  Ministers Meeting, the Lecture and Family Cares preventing my preparing anew for this Exercise.  But my Soul in deep Engagement on my State and Frame.  May God most gracious pity, pardon and accept me through the Merits of the great Redeemer.  Deacon Bond waited at Communion.

April 21, 1755

1755 April 21 (Monday).  Mr. Samuel Hardy came to Clearing.  He takes the work between the Pasture Fences to clear for a Dollar.  P.M. Reverend Mr. Hall of Sutton here, going to Boston on account of Troubles he meets with by means of Mr. Elisha Putnam and Duncan Campbell Esquire.  N.B. Mr. Keys’s Child not found, though some Hundreds of men were Yesterday and to Day in Search after her.  A dozen went who belong to our Congregation.

April 23, 1755

1755 April 23 (Wednesday).  This Morning my Wife, accompany’d by Deacon Forbush Set out on her Journey to Brookfield.  She had Ebenezers Mare to ride on.  I borrow’d old Mr. Charles Rice’s to ride to Shrewsbury, to preach Mr. Cushings Lecture — din’d there — but Mr. Cushing[1] of Waltham being on a Visit to their Parents I conceiv’d it would be more agreeable for him to preach and therefore I requested him to — he comply’d and preach’d on Luke 12.43.  N.B. Discourse with Mr. Thomas Smith who went to a Wise-Man (Mr. Williams Wood a blacksmith in Scituate nigh Providence) to know where Mr. Keys’s lost Child might be found.  Call’d for my Account with Dr. Smith as I return’d at Eve.

[1]The Reverend Jacob Cushing was the son of Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.

April 26, 1755

1755 April 26 (Saturday).  Alpheus Newton was to have come and Sowed Wheat for me, but disappointed me.  Poor Mr. Samuel Coollidge,[1] brought up by Lieutenant Tainter, 2 or 3 Days ago, is in Town, that if he may be able he may keep School.

[1]Coolidge (Harvard 1724) had a checkered career as librarian at Harvard, sometime preacher and schoolmaster.  See Diary, Sept. 8, 1744, and July 3, 1745.

April 27, 1755

1755 April 27 (Sunday).  Read 2 Sam. 4.  Preach’d on Josh. 7.13.  P.M. read Isa. 8, and preach’d on number 20 against the foolish and wicked practice of going to Cunning Men to enquire for lost Things.  And may God succeed what has been Said!  Poor Mr. Coollidge was very distracted last night.  Lieutenant Tainter tarries at home with him to Day.

April 28, 1755

1755 April 28 (Monday).  The Church met by Adjournment to receive Brother Jonathan Forbush juniors Answer — he desir’d to be excus’d, but his Reasons not Satisfying the Church, he submitted.  Wrote a Letter to my Wife at Brookfield in Answer to hers by Deacon Forbush.  Deliver’d mine to Mr. Francis Whipple who designs to Lambstown[1] tomorrow.  N.B. I very affectionately let the Church know (at their meeting to Day) that my Difficultys and Burdens are inexpressibly great, So that I was unavoidably forc’d to omitt many Things in my ministerial Work which I would most gladly perform — many Schemes and Designs for their Souls Good, I was forc’d to drop — and I could not but greatly lament it for their sakes as well as my own.  I let ‘em know that it was very much against my Inclination to be uttering Complaints — I was averse to putting Memorials to the Precinct.  I therefore apply’d to Them as the Lord’s People praying they would advise some way or other for my Relief.  However at least to let me have their fervent Prayers to God for me.  And thus left it.

[1]Lambstown plantation had become the town of Hardwick.

April 29, 1755

1755 April 29 (Tuesday).  Visit Lieutenant Forbush — and Captain Forbush.  N.B. took him aside and talk’d with him closely, and may God render it Effectual!  N.B. Mrs. Lucy Forbush (Ebenezers Wife) fell backward from her Horse before my House.  I in part saw her — ran to her help — directed her into my House till she might revive and recover — she complains very much of her Hand aking extremely — Captain Tyler of Mendon with me.  She recover’d so as to go home.