November 30, 1752

1752 November 30 (Thursday).  Rainy, but Mr. Hutchinson[1] came and din’d with me, and preach’d the Lecture on Heb. 13.20.  After Sermon Moses Warrin and Persis his wife were admitted into the Church, also Amy Mainard Wife of Ebenezer Mainard.  N.B. This was done agreeable to a proposal of it made to the Church and consented to last Lords Day.  They were admitted before the Congregation because the Day was So Short, and Dark Night soon coming on.  Furthermore, the Brethren were stop’d to see what they would incline to do about the Sudbury Affair.  Their Minds were, to let it drop, so no Vote was pass’d about it.  N.B. I ask’d the Churchs Minds respecting my appointing or desiring a Person to sett the Psalm, and they voted that they were Satisfy’d with what I had done in it, particularly with my having desir’d Brother Edwards Whipple to Sett the Psalm.  I moreover requested that they would Shew their Minds respecting the Tunes which we had usually Sung — Triple-time Tunes were especially intended, viz. Mear Ps. 100 new etc.  They voted Satisfaction thereupon.  At least I conceiv’d there was a Vote, because nobody objected against it: but otherwise, I am not altogether clear in it, that there was a Majority of Hands.[2]  N.B. Mr. Silas Brigham here; and I gave him an Extract from the Reverend Mr. Morse’s Letter about him.

[1]Aaron Hutchinson of Grafton.

[2]In the Westborough Church Records, November 30, 1752, Parkman entered: “The Brethren also voted that they were Satisfy’d in the Pastors having desir’d Brother Edwards Whipple to Set the Tune; and in the Tunes which we have been wont to Sing in this Congregation.  N.B. These last Votes were occasion’d by Some late Disturbances in our Singing.”


At the Close of this Month I would take Notice of the great Goodness of God in that I enjoy Such a Measure of Ease and Comfort as I am favour’d with; having good Appetite to my Food and in my Breast, Strength and Vigor, Notwithstanding that in my Limbs I have Sometime; the Blister I lately us’d upon it having reliev’d me but a little.  But my Family Cares are heavy and Perplexing, and especially the deep and distressing Concern for my Everlasting well-being, and that of my dear Wife, Children; and to these I would not fail to add my dear Flock.  O what shall I do that this greatest of all Interests may be Secur’d!  and that true, Spiritual Religion may indeed flourish among us!  Blessed be God that we are still permitted the invaluable Privileges of the Means and Season of Grace, notwithstanding my great unprofitableness; and our indifferency in Matters of Religion in general.  O that God would please to pour out His Spirit upon us; and that I might especially myself experience the happy Effects of it!