November 20, 1752

1752 November 20 (Monday).  Rainy.  No one but Billy and Molly Bond to keep House and take all the Care of the Stock etc. at t’other Place.  At Eve came Several Brethren of the Church to See me (and it was agreeable to my Desire Signify’d to Deacon Forbush) and converse about the Sudbury Affair.  They were Lieutenant Tainter, Ensign Miller, and Mr. Whitney: afterwards came Deacon Forbush.  They were of opinion that there was no need of the Churchs acting any Thing formally about it.  The Authors of the Sudbury Letter had requested Nothing but that we would consider of our own Conduct, which it no doubt behoves us to do: Let the Pastor of this Church if he pleases do So much as inform one of them that their Letter has been laid before us.  Those Brethren aforesaid made some Business of discoursing about Brother Bathericks Conduct on the late Day of Publick Thanksgiving.  They agreed that Deacon Forbush Should go and talk with him — and if he should appear unconvinc’d of his Error, they conceiv’d it must be laid before the Church.  But if he was Sensible, and would do so no more, this being discover’d to the Pastor, they were willing it should be passed over.  Left Arm so Painful I put on a Blister.